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The Dogon Gates reflect Dogon history from rites to beliefs. These doors are carved and include figures of men, animals and things. Each figure has a particular symbolic representation in Dogon culture. Thus one can observe in the upper part (left and right angle): the King, the Queen and the Princes heirs (organized in a kingdom, led by a King and a Queen was the Dogon society). The crocodile: symbolizes the material wealth available to the king and the queen to better manage society; Birds symbolize freedom, the principle according to which society was directed; the turtle: the nourishing earth; the snake: death; fish: fishing; next to the birds: the goddess of birth.


In the center of the door at the top, we have the dancers with KANAGA masks, the kanaga mask is worn during ritual dances if the harvests are good. In the center of the door, we have the Dogon ancestors in number of six couples.


One of the most interesting parts is the lower part of the door that tells us about Dogon beliefs, specifically, the story of the white fox. Formerly, when they had concerns, the Dogons took peanut seeds on which they pronounced vows after which, they deposited them in a circle, in a large space, the evening a white fox passed around the circle, and there had two options, if the fox consumes these peanut seeds, then the vows come true, if any, he takes steps all around the circle and leaves the place, so these steps were interpreted by an old geek, from where the illustration on the lower part of the door (The gentleman has his wife pregnant and wants the woman to give birth to the right conditions, then he did the ritual, the fox left footsteps instead of eating the seeds, and according to the interpretation of these steps, he must make a sacrifice of two chickens at the village hall so that his wishes may be exalted) (under reservation of interpretation)


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